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Health Food Or Junk Food in Disguise?

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Recently there have been a whole range of television and internet advertisements attempting to raise the profile of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). The purpose of which is to promote this addictive junk food as a health food.

These cunningly well disguised advertisements don’t actually say that high fructose corn syrup is a health food, but they do try to fool people into drawing the conclusion that they must in deed a “health food”. Here are the facts of their misleading claims:

  • “It’s natural so it is good”
  • “It is better than normal white sugar”
  • “It is a corn derivative”
  • “It has no more calories than white sugar”

If you are familiar with these ads you will follow their line of thought about how HFCS isn’t so bad because basically they say it is “all natural” and “made from corn”. These ads are very deceiving.

These ads are highly immoral. For starters we in our western culture are suffering from an obesity epidemic, not to mention the degenerative disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These ads are not going to help reduce any of these modern health problems. People who are trying to improve their health by making the “healthy alternate choice” are being duped into believing the lie.

So as our children get fatter and fatter, these profit driven companies cash in on the massive amounts of money to be made in this false health product. As for the claims that HFCS is no worse than for you than sugar, we could look into the science of the affects of leptin and insulin process in the body to see just how false this is. But right now lets take a look at something else that raises concern.

Who really cares if it is no worse than sugar, as sugar is one of the main contributors to people’s overall health problems in the first place. So this is not a valid argument in the first place.

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The point that needs to be made clear is that if you want to be lean and healthy for your lifetime, you need to be reducing or even eliminating altogether all sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Even going so far as to cutting out all processed foods, if a lean body mass is what you are after.

As for the claim that HFCS is an “all natural product”, don’t even get me started on that one. It is a ridiculous argument to begin with. Whether it is natural or artificial doesn’t really matter as it is highly processed food to begin with, that contributes to making people fat or fatter, not leaner and healthier.

So when next tempted to grab a can of soft drink, a candy bar or cake, just consider how that is going directly against your efforts to lose body fat and even lead to other evne more serious health issues that could easily be avoided if more truthful information was made available to the general public and not the profit grabbing nonsense the major manufactures are coming out with.

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